A century of design in a Milan architect studio


Have you ever been in an architect’s studio in downtown Milan, close to Da Vinci’s Last Supper? We have… at Antonella Dedini‘s recently renovated studio. How ever did you find a place in Milan that’s at the same time so dense in history, class and industrious serenity?  “I was lucky” Antonella Dedini says  “but I also think that nothing happens … Continue reading

50 minutes, to fall in love with design

Here is just a short preview of the LINO SABATTINI movie, directed by Gianluca Migliarotti and curated by Porzia Bergamasco: a passionate dialog about design, ideas, memories and materials. The movie will be shown at Triennale di Milano next 13rd jannuary 2011, at 7,00 p.m. Click on the image below or go to http://www.gianlucamigliarotti.com/video/linosub.mov